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Apex and heater question

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I,was,thinking apex could control it without a temp controller or step heater probe, it just uses the apex heater probe

Just set your heater probe to your tank temp (79 or 80?? ), then programming apex based of apex's heater proble to have it ON and OFF and safeguard it from there.

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I've also found the $29 investment in a 2nd temp probe to be a worthwhile investment. The two read within .1 degree of each other originally but over the past 6-8 months have gone to like .3 or so. I don't really care enough to recalibrate at this point, but it shows that over time the APEX probes can move a bit. 


Plus, having them both set up gives me an extra layer of security. If either of them go up then the heater shuts off and I get an alert etc.

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