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Garage Cleaning Sale !!!

Guest sanblas

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Guest sanblas

Cleaning out the Garage!!!

Found of bunch of stuff in the garage...wife wants it gone ;)


If you have any questions on any of this please email me or call at 503-816-2173

Im located in NE Portland off of 14th and Alberta

Feel free to make offers



1 red sea wavemaster pro, in very good condition, with 2xmaxijet 1200's with modded magnet floats for holding in place(i always hated the suction cups) pumps tested and working, need some vinegar bathing, but working well - $85



1 150w aqua medic thermoelectric chiller. Works as heater and chiller in aquariums up to 40-50gallons.

here is a link for more info

Link to Product

Have all plumbing pieces but cant find manual, I will try to find it online, although I dont think there is much to 'adjust' with this thing.




1 Kenmore 35 pint dehumidifier. Used for one winter season, works very well and will help eliminate the 'reef fog' so many of us have




Feel free to make offers


2 containers of Phosban - 1 unopened, 1 is 3/4 full $20 for all three

4 containers Ms Wages Pickling lime - $3 each

3 pairs VHO standoffs $10 for all three pair

3 Pair of VHO endcaps - $5 per pair (not sure if German or not)

1 Micron Screen Plankton screen(picture below) $10

1 Eheim Automatic Feeder - Unused $30

1 Lite Air 50 Battery Air Pump unused - $8

1 Bag or very nice Frag plugs (picture below) - FREE

1 75w Jager Heater - $5

1 150w Jager heater - $10

1 Aqua Lifter 20 - $10

1 18w PC Hood - $10

1 Plug in GFI - $5

1 workhorse 7 ballast - $20


FREE STUFF(clap)(laugh)

1 Desk - light brown stain - 'Ikea style(but not ikea)' nice desk, just no room for it anymore

1/2 bucket of oceanic salt GONE

1 20inch aqausun VHO - unused

1 20inch super actinic - unknown usage

2 20inch actinic white - unknown usage

1 generic 1 light halide setup - GONE

Bag of salifert Tests and assorted chemicals...really not sure whats in here

Other assorted parts...yours for the taking

again, call or email please








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Guest saltCreep

do you still have the chiller? I live in Phoenix and am planning a 40g reef. I have experienced heat problems in my 60g (86-88) how much cooling do you think I could get in a 40g tank?

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