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4 Reefstar Alphas with wired controller

Reef madness

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These are great lights....  GLWS.


Some info about the lights....  Mr Bret and I have been running a set(s) of these Alphas now for a couple of years...  0 diode\fan\power supply failures.  These can be altered to fit whatever diodes you want as well.


16"x8"x2"- 120w


Full spectrum LED light- 9 different color diodes.

- One piece all aluminum body. 
- Module design- great for upgrade and simple to work with. It is like a really nice DIY unit.
- UL approved Meanwell driver
- 4 channels ramping capabilities, so blending spectrum is endless.
- True sunrise to sunset effect.
- Flash mode, cloud mode, show mode, DIY mode, manual mode, and sunrise mode.
- Glass cover to protect diode from saltwater
- Diode is mounted on MCPCB board- better heat transfer- better cooling- more efficient the diode works.
- Brushless fan speed is controlled by LEDs intensity- so at night you with the low light intensity you will not hear the fan.
- Light unit comes with hanging kit that can tilt and adjust height. 
- Hanging point that is able to slide for adjustments and works with the rack system for multiple lights.



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Nice lights, unfortunately these lights never really got a lot of traction here local. It could be they were pretty pricey new and from my personal experience lacked penetration depth for my 24" deep tank.


But on a side note they are well built, very adjustable and I think would work well for most tanks that aren't too deep. Maybe Kenny can chime in here but anyway GLWS.


Also post some pics of your actual lights and accessories might help so people see exactly what they are getting

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Brian, You are entitled to your opinion as I am but I will say that they worked outstanding in the 2 years Ive owned them. I used them over my 180 sps and 150 mixed reef and had no problem growing anything deeper than 24 inches. I know there are others who can attest to their performance as well. Perhaps there were already too many other leds out there flooding the market at the time these were introduced, but I can say they performed well for me. Hopefully when someone out there is looking for a nice set of Reefstar lights, for about ($110 a light averaged out with controller they will drop me a pm. Until then, off to the attic they go.

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Bump....no lights for anyone??

I was in no way bashing the light by any means i was replying to why possibly people were not wanting them. I in fact said how well they were built and IMO did not provide great par at 24" depth was all. Kenny is a great guy and has always had nice products. For some reason they just did not get a ton of traction and think you are right about the emmergance of so many new LED at the time. Please accept my apology if you feel I was being negative

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These are good for zoas and lps dominated tanks. They tend to lose their punch at a two year mark because of the Chinese diodes used. Unless he's using the real deal crees now. Regardless good deal for a controllable fixture.


That is one cool thing about these lights.... because of the drivers and solid aluminum construction....  you can pull the boards and do a cree swap.  Very simple.  The LEDs are all on removable boards that can easily be worked on.  Lens' can be swapped.  Honestly.... great design.  

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