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Why aren't there plants in shark tanks?


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I was talking with my roommate about his new freshwater aquarium and the nitrogen cycle. I pointed out that plants consume nitrates as a nutrient source.


The conversation continued to predator tanks and how many predator tanks produce a lot of nitrates because of the huge mass of food being fed. I know nitrates can be a problem when feeding sharks. So, why don't you see plants in a shark tank to help with the problem? I honestly have no clue and would love to hear some reasons why.


I can't think of a single saltwater predator tank that had plants. It's kind of funny. Maybe because that is not their natural environment? Maybe mass amounts of water changes compensate? I have no idea.

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Mainly they would need enough light to make sure that they grow, this would also encourage algae growth so the plant life is usually kept confined to a refugium. That and maintaining a vigorous macro algae garden in a large display would be cumbersome to say the least.

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