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Create a nano tank


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So I thought about it and I wanted to still figure this out. I managed to get my acrylic pieces from Tap Plastics and I silicones them. I created an overflow and return. I also stripped the glass and resiliconed the corners.


Off of amazon, I bought $7 return pump 80gph and $8 airline pump for higher 02 as seahorses need more oxygen due to primitive gills.


From Upscales, I got a return nozzle and attachment.





I then added some live rock roughly 4 lbs in front and 2 lbs in back. I added some caulerpa, cleaner shrimp and 2 snails.


Honestly I really wanted the feather caulerpa but this will do!


Reached out to Algaebarn.com as they have helped me before with seeding tanks. I'll get a bunch pods and phyto from them.


Teaching my niece and nephew about reefing. Buying decapsulated brine to hatch every other day to feed the captive bred dwarf seahorses from Dan and Abbey at Seahorsesource.com. The pods will keep them well fed though.


Waiting for the nano ATO, light, and making a custom stand for it.


Wish me luck!





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