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HELP: Apex Display


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Over the weekend I was cleaning and despite having my Apex housed part of my display wire was exposed. My vacuum sucked it up, bound it up, and severed the cord. No bueno.

Does anyone have an extra display or the skills to repair it? A friend of mine looked at it and deemed that they didn't have nice enough tools to properly solder the connections into place. There are 4 connections 2 of which are conductive wires? Who knew. 

He "looked" at it and peeled away the epoxy and tried to solder it. So it's been tampered with. I have another repair taking place and was considering sending it with my E8 and controller. But there is a chance they will refuse to repair the unit.


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I just had my whole Apex go out on my tank, display and base unit were toast... If you've messed with it I highly doubt they'll help you and what I gathered all they will do is replace parts, it's a weird deal down there for sure.


If you want to sell your old display let me know, I might be interested in tinkering with it for parts of my own.


Might want to try to give them a call though and see what they say... That is if you can actually get a person on the phone!

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It has two ultra thin conductivity wires that accompany the positive and negative wires. They are pretty delicate and I don't know if splicing them is really the best thing to do. 

If all else fails I'll be sending it to a friend who works for Intel to use better tools to repair it. 

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