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Want To Trade Carpet Anenome For?


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I have a white/bluish Carpet Anenome For possible trade, it's about 4-5 inches when Iopen fully, its very healthy and growing pretty quickly. Remember this thing will probably get pretty large and need it's space! I'll post some recent pictures in a little while, let me know what you have to trade! No sps at the moment please, but open to most everything else

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Oh here's a few things I'll consider trading the Haddoni Carpet Anenome for: Green Mandarin goby (preferably one that eats frozen or prepared foods, I'm aware they're often for sale at stores but I'd like one that actually has a chance and will eat lol) also looking for a larger Banghaii Cardinal, Brain coral, most any LPS really, Palythoa grandis, bubble tip anenome (not rose but any other color like rainbow or green) rock flower anenomes, maxi mini carpet anenomes, Ricordias (NOT orange) or send me pics of offers!!


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