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Do you target feed your coral?


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I'm relatively new to reefing and through my first year I've had a lot of failure. Turns out it was my LEDs being waaaaaay too bright.


I started heavily target feeding a while back because it was the only way to get anything to live, let alone grow. My lights are fixed and the tank is exploding but I'm concerned my DSB is turning into a time bomb regardless of my very robust CUC.


Easiest answer would be to cut back, and I have. Easy enough. Then I started reading and there's a lot of people that don't target feed at all.

I'm still broadcast feeding liquid and powdered food plus a few krill for the larger LPS and pellets and frozen for the fish.


With all that said I'd like your input guys and gals. I know food can help heal damaged coral and promotes faster growth in things like duncans and sun coral etc. I'm not looking to go low nutrient but I believe that all things in moderation is a key to success so I'd like to meet in the middle. I do not have and have not been having algae problems. Well, other than a tiny bit of briopsis popping up but that was dealt with very quickly.


Let's hear your coral feeding regiment.

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I feed reef roids twice a week, I also feed aqua vitro fuel once a week. I've never target fed any of my corals and they grow like weeds.

That being said I also heavily feed my fish, in turn they crap a lot, and I'm sure that alone helps with my coral growth. I wouldn't recommend my feeding routine to anyone but I've not lost a fish or coral, other than carpet surfing, at all since I put this tank up. I have corals ranging from zoas to sps, they all do very good in my tank.

I also have the tank wayyyy over filtered. I have about 80 total gallons and I have a skimmer rated for a heavy load of 300 gallons, I run carbon, and chemi pure every now and then.

No filter socks and no algae scrubber and it looks like this on any given Sunday. 340df732d0e9d38444135d812a4a7a1e.jpg


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I use reef roids/chili/frenzy plus phyto and fuel and zooplankton. Acro power, marine snow etc. I should have said that. I really want to slim down my product line.


I use filter socks and a 150sss on 140 gallon system. I run a carbon reactor and a bag of phosguard all the time. I have a huge biofilter via macro and rock. My sump is very effective.

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