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New Shipment 8/17


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New Shipment 8/17(rock2)


1 Sm. Lemon Peel Angel

1 Md. Copperband Butterfly

24 Md. Three Strip Damsels

2 Md. Flame Angels

2 Md. Royal Gramma

4 Sm. True Percula

3 Sm. Maroon Yellow Stripe

16 Md. Green Chromis

12 Md. Three Spot Domino Damsels

3 Md. Mandrin goby

2 Md. Banded Sleeper Gobies

2 Md. Byro Sleeper Gobies

6 Sm. Catalina Gobies

3 Sm. Flame Hawk

1 Md. Tomini Bristletooth Tang

1 Md. Desjardinii Salfin tang

1 Sm. Six Line Wrasse

1 Sm. Razor Wrasse




2 Lg. Carpet Anemones

10 Sm. Emarald Crab

3 Md. Sallylightfoot Crab

2 Md. Arrow Crab

6 Md. Hawaiian Feather Duster

3 Md. Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp

2 Md. Blue Linckia Star


Also More Rose Anemones came in !!!!!!!!

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