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Goniopora FS in Oregon City


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Hey Jon,


Those look nice - I might be interested in one. I have two right now - one is a celedon green with blue polyps and the other is white with blue centers on the polyps. The white one I got from Bob with the tank and hasn't really come around real well but the other is really happy with great extension, color, etc. What have you found to be the critical factors.



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THE SECRET. Not real hard to deal with, I find that :

1. med- low, flow ( once you get them happy you can get more flow)

2.not to much light, MH are alright but they need to be put lower in the tank

3.stability, if snails and crabs or you,keep knocking them off they tend to do poorly

4.try NOT to touch the flesh as much as possible ( i find this is the biggest killer)

5.like most corals, move them till you find a spot they like

6. I try to feed mine at least once a week ( I feed heavy to fish but still try to squirt cyclops,brine)

7.BUY A HEALTHY CORAL ( I have only had ones die that I bought trying to bring them back)

There is really no differance between these and sps a far as how hard to grow.

There are some tank's that they are going to do great and some that they will die in.

Who knows why.

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