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Finally, my corals from the CFM


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I finally got my camera back so here are the pictures. Keep in mind that you do loose some color when you take pictures, especially subtle hues.


1. Mile high monti, encrusting. won in auction for a steal!

2. Purple monti?, non-standard. nice vibrant.

3. not sure what type but it has amazing corralite structure. sometimes you buy a brown coral because the bone structure looks cool. I used to own a variant on this and it was green so this guy may color up eventually.

4. not sure, fuzzy digi i think, has subtle purple and green hues.

5. classic lime green birdsnest. i lost mine a long time ago with my major tank crash






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and here are the rest...


6. pink polyp monti. good looking piece.

7. German Blue digi. subtle color that should get even better. already growing.

8. fraglets of a green monti and #9 (I have always been able to grow whole colonies from a few polyps off the tip smile.gif)

9. blue tipped yellow thingy... very fuzzy and very vibrant in real life. (thanks Ryan!)

10. new nano FTS






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Very nice! Love the mile high.


I doubt #2 is a monti though - see how there seems to be groupings of nodes? I don't think this is the case for Montis.


However - I am by no means an expert. I just seem to be leading my tank more and more towards Monti-palooza 2008 and that one doesn't seem to fit into my view of a monti.

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#4 pricillopora

#2 looks like a very upset enchino

I have that #9 and I think its acro, but I never have attempted to get ID, got it from upscales. Travis can ID

I have the #3 as well it likes lots of light (got it from fly guy) he can ID


#8 nice colors on the green monti, very impressive, hope you can keep the color.

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