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So New the Word Newbie Doesn't Even Apply


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Hello - My husband, Damon and I (Holly) just registered today to join PNWMAS and wanted to introduce ourselves.  We live in Salem and are Duck fans (sorry to those Cougs, Huskies and Beavs out there) as I went to U of O (been quite awhile!).  We enjoy working in our yard/gardens and remodeling and doing projects around our house.  Damon enjoys golfing and I love to cook.  Our most recent remodel included a reef aquarium setup and we are really excited about having this and a new hobby.  The wonderful creatures that make their home in this tank will join 3 cats, and 2 very large dogs none of which think the tank is interesting at all.


Obviously we are very new to the hobby.  Our tank has been running now for just over two months and is 280 gallons.  We didn't jump in lightly but the more we have learned the more we realize how much we don't know, the mistakes we have already made, and often find ourselves wondering what to do.  There is so much information about so many topics it really can be overwhelming.  Often you find conflicting information and it is hard to know what to do.  We hope to meet many of you either online or in person to get your pearls of wisdom and help with many of the problems we are already encountering.  


What a beautiful thing all of the creatures that inhabit a reef tank are.  Makes you appreciate just how complex and wonderful the ocean is.


Holly & Damon 

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Welcome to the forum! There is a steep learning curve and yes you will get conflicting information because there is not a lot of scientific research that has been done. A recent guest speaker did a talk just about all the misinformation out there.


I learned a lot from this forum in talking to members and seeing their tanks as well as fish stores. Garrett at the premium aquarium is in your area and a great source of information.

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Any pictures? The larger the better, but I have heard of someone who is new getting a 280. I think it is definitely manageable, but the learning curve would be steep.


If you have any questions, there are some knowledgeable people around that probably could help.


Hope to see you at a meeting.

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Welcome to the group! I'm also from the Salem area! Garrett and The Premium Aquarium crew are full of great info and have helped me countless times. I'm in his store quite a bit so if you hear the name Cody or Paratore that's me and you should introduce yourself :) I look forward to meeting you guys!



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Welcome! I am new to the group as well but have been in the hobby a long time. There is a lot of bad info out there for sure! What works for some might not work for others as well. Check out bulk reef supply they have some really good how to videos and I think you'll find them very helpful.

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Thank you for all of the welcomes!  Our tank is built into a wall so we get to view it from both sides.  Some of you may have seen our post regarding running into Marine Velvet already which has wiped out our fish except for one which I'm trying to get out of the tank now so we can let it run fallow for 8 weeks or so (huge huge bummer).  We will be running a QT for all fish from now on.  I have attached a couple of pics of our fishless tank!  Its been running for a little over 2 months now.  The acrylic tank is 6' wide 30" deep and 30" high.  The dimensions were dictated a bit by the remodel we did in the room it is in.  We have an Ecotech vectra pump, 2 Ecotech vortech powerheads, 3 Ecotech radion lighting, a Simplicity 800 skimmer, and will be adding an Aqua 57w UV .  We also have our RO hooked up now so we don't need any buckets and our top off tank lasts about a week.  A calcium reactor will get added at some point this year.  


We would like to give a special thanks to Garrett, Chris, and the rest of the guys at Premium Aquarium for all of their help setting us up, answering our questions, and providing all of the lovely animals you see.  


I look forward to meeting all of you!













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Hey, welcome to our wonderful place.



 We didn't jump in lightly but the more we have learned the more we realize how much we don't know, the mistakes we have already made.


. This is along the lines of something I started realizing once I understood I don't know everything. What say often is, the more I learn the stupider I become. I think most of you will understand this statement.


On to the important stuff. I know some of these other people know a few things about reefs and such. But you don't need them.

I am really the only resource you'll ever need so don't bother listening to them and there advice.


Any problem you ever have just either post up here or pm me or call me even a text would work. Ok then what you need to do is listen very carefully to each and every thing I have to say about the issue. Next thing you need to do is exactly the opposite of any advice I give you. Your tank should then be in very good shape.


I sure hope you enjoy this forum, it has do much to offer, I have had people to my house in a half hour for emergency help. I have recieved free equipment and free corals, I have given free corals and equipment here. It's really a great place to learn and meet like minded people who will generally give you the shirt off there back. Oh I must mention that the monthly gatherings are a wonderful place to meet some some of these awesome people's. Take care and once again, welcome

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    • By Collin
      hello all,
      I am looking at lighting options for my new set up and stumbled upon the Reed Breeder lights. BRS and Reef News Network seem to like them but I was wondering if anyone here has any first hand experience with them. Also if any of you have other suggestions of a light that is relatively inexpensive, delivers good par and coverage, send them my way! btw the tank dimensions are the same as a 40 gal breeder. 
      btw if anyone is selling their reef breeder lights specifically the photon 32 V2 let me know
    • By Jordie_bee
      Hello! My names Jordan, I'm in the portland area. Abit about my reading hobby, I've been in freash water and learning about saltwater for years. My first Reefing tank I set up a little over a year ago and its going really strong. It's a 90gal with a 30gal sump. If theres any need to know tips about sw tanks you feel I should know, I'd be happy to hear them! But for now here's a picture of my tomato clown in my RBT anemone Also i have 2x ai 26 hydras and was curious about where other reefers have their setting spectrum to? Thank you for your time!

    • By Aquariumaster
      Hello Everybody!
      I just went to the last meeting, but just in case I didn't get to meet you I just wanted to properly introduce myself! So I am currently a student at OSU, and I found out that both my tutor Miles Taylor, and I are both into the aquarium hobby. So he told me about PNWMAS, and that there was a meeting coming up, so I was more than happy to come. It was great to meet a lot of you. So I do have a few tanks here in my dorm and back home.  Right now I have a 14 gallon nano cube, a 5 gallon goldfish tank, and a 3 gallon mangrove tank. But back home  in California I have a 120 gallon fish only saltwater system, a 28 gallon nano cube, a 55 gallon freshwater, and a pond. If you want to see the stuff I've kept over the years I have a youtube channel and instagram with the same user name, "aquariumaster" . I'll also attach some videos and pictures here.  But ya, I'm just really happy to be a part of this and I look forward to going to the upcoming meetings!
      Here is my 120 gallon: 
      and heres my old bamboo shark ( she now actually lives at SeaWorld San Diego!):
    • By shapedworld
      Hello everyone, 
      Its been three month since I start my aquarium and it finished the cycle within two months.  Ammonia, Nitrate, and Nitrite are undetectable. I'm ready to add some corals now.
      Aquarium parameters
      Ammonia/Nitrate/Nitrite Untraceble to the test kit
      Temperature - 77 F (+/- 0.3 F)
      Specific gravity 1.026
      What is in my system now
      Bought BRS Water saver plus RO/DI unit with the RO reserver tank/faucet (I could justify this to my wife DI unit is seperate- Who can resist clean water ) I have 40 lbs of CaribSea Speacial grade live sand ( it created 1" sandbed) and Dry rock from BRS. 50g Cube 8g sump 20g refugium with 20 lb of live sand (Looking for Macro Algae that won't go sexual) 10g RO/DI reservoir gravity fed with a fixed float valve  Oceanreview T247 LED 10" above water surface running blue at 100% (0700 - 2200) and daylight at 50% (1200 - 1900)  Skimz mini 143 skimmer Eheim heater I do 20% water changes every week BRS media rector (two chambers) Have two happy fat clowns that I bought in 2013 and the aquarium that hosted them have thousands of Ampe/cope pods which I will carefully transfer to the new sump  
      Plannig to add the followings soon
      2 MP10's (will this be over kill? and does any one have MP10 that need to get rid of so I can get them cheap) Calcium reactor: Planning to buy AquaMaxx S-NANO Calcium Reactor ( any other suggestions are welcome) Aquarium monitor and control system (Reefkeeper or APEX? How about Seneye?)  
      Since this is a small tank I'm planning only to keep SPS, LPS (may be 2-3) and few Zoas. Following are what in my mind. They are pictures I got from internet and do not know the names of most of them (Can someone tell me the name of these corals). Obviously I won't be able to host all the SPS in my tank. 
      Following are the cleanup crew I'm planning to order.
      Nassarius snails - 2 Blackfoot Trochus snail - 1 (After 6 months or if I have algae) Blueleg Hermit - 1 Regleg hermit - 1 Cerith snails - 4 Emerald crab - 1 (Tiny one after 1 year or if I have hair algae) Sand shifting goby - 1 (After 1 year. Can I add this guy since my sand grain size is large. Will the sand hurt it?) Papermint shrimp - 1 (After 6 months)  
      I would prefer to buy the coral from fellow reefers. Please let me know if you would like to sell some frags to me. 
      These are the questions I have now
      Do I need to run Carbon and/or GFO now? Is it ok to add all corals over a short period of time (one month)? Do I need to increase the intensity of my LED for SPS? Am I giving them enough light without causing an algae issue? Do I need to get an algae scrubber although I have a refugium? I really love green manderin gobies.I had one male manderin a few years back that I trained to eat pallets. One day he decided to end his life, after staying 1.5 years with us, by jumping out (I forgot to add the screen) So I want to give another try with one of these guys may be after a year. Anyone knows a  place that sells pallet trained healthy green manderins? ​ ​​
      Your comments and feedbacks are much appreciated.

    • By jfry
      Hello all,
      I am new to the PNWMAS community but not so new to aquarium keeping. Most of my experience has been with freshwater setups although I have had various degrees of reef aquaria in the past. I am presently on the west side in Hillsboro and have been maintaining a large reef tank and jelly kreisel at LeChon (on the waterfront) the past few months.
      I am a native Oregonian and came out of the AQS program in Newport back in 2012. This past December I finished up my undergraduate in Aquaculture. This year I have been looking at job opportunities in public aquaria/ornamental aquaculture, but think I will call the Portland metro home for now. 
      With that, I am looking to expand my circle of aquatic enthusiast friends in the area, and thought PNWMAS would be be the best place to start. 
      Many thanks, and I look forward to getting to know many of you!
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