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Apex large screen touch color interface 50 bucks


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Oh man. That's awesome. I'm completely out of plugs though. Dang it. I mean literally maxed out. Got too many extension chords etc. I need another eb8.


Seems you can never have enough eb8s!  I guess I am up to 4 eb8s now.  I feel like the apex could control my whole house though.  


Very cool. I plan on using my Samsung tablet and if I didn't have one already I'd go that route.


Sweet!  I was thinking of using an old tablet too.  Now that these are 40 bucks <gasp> it just makes sense to order something a tad newer than the original ipad lol.  Good luck post back how it goes.



Also screen burn is going to be an issue rather quickly with it on 24/7 I run into it quickly at my work (Manager for Samsung)


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Dude!  You have the Samsung connections?  Nice :)


It's a good point.  I think I will let mine sleep.  24/7 does seem like a problem...


With part of the apex in the garage, part upstairs now I may go for two of them at some point.  

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If you don't want to wait on one to be delivered or don't have Prime, you can buy them at BestBuy for the same price.

I grabbed one today, thanks for the tip. My apex display died months ago so I have been leaving a tab open on my phone browser, this works better!

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