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Buzzing T5 light?


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No, it doesn't have a fan.

But something definitely causes a vibration.

The fixture is hanging from the ceiling and doesn't touch the tank.

I have a fan blowing on the tank, which is fairly close to the light fixture, but the "buzzing" happens even when the fan is off...

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Well, it's a slight vibration of the whole fixture that's causing the sound.

When I touch the fixture, the vibration/noise stops. If I let it be, it will keep going for a short while (less than a minute), stop by itself and start again a while later.

It never does it when the light is off.


There is nothing I can think off that would be the cause.

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My 6 bulb TEK light also makes a vibration. I thought I was the only one. Mine was set (for now) on a pair of 2x4 pieces of wood (until I get around to making some legs or hanging it from the ceiling). It would cause the whole tank to resonate and make a wierd noise.


How I "fixed" it was to put a small piece of wood under one corner and make it so it was not touching the boards evenly. That way it did not make the resonance vibration with the tank. I think it still vibrates though. IDK a good solution.



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I called them today, and the technician thought it might be a ballast problem.


Before I send it in, I'm going to change the bulbs one at a time, in case that's the problem.

Does anyone have a fixture I could borrow/rent, if I have to send in the Tek light?

All I have is a 96w pc light.

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My tek light t-5 fixture crapped out on me yesterday(flame) I swear I didn't drop it or anything, all I did was remove it from the apartment and transfer it to my house. I have the 4 bulk fixture. The inside 2 are working okay, it's the outer ones that don't turn on at all. It's been 10 months...is there a warranty? I also don't have a spare fixture to use if I have to send it in....this sux.(sad). Do I bring it to the store I bought it from or to sunlight supply?

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Don't they have 2 years warranty?

I know it's at least one year, so you should be able to get it repaired for free.

Isn't the company really close to Portland?

I would just take it in, or call and have them send you an RMA.

Or try a new bulb or two! If one of the bulbs on one ballast broke, the other one won't tun on either.

Maybe they got shaken up a bit and something disconnected in a bulb?


I've changed out the front bulb on mine, and am starting to hope the buzzing was just a bad bulb.

I haven't had time to be near the tank much, though, so I'm holding back on judgment a while.

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