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TheClark - Sakura Growout Pics and System Info

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Starting with 4 heads

Following Brian's format, thanks Brian.

450 total volume
Frag is in 150 gallon frag tank
many pounds live rock, maybe 150-200?

Bubble Magus BM 10 Skimmer with Swabbie
Reef Octopus XP 3000 no Swabbie

Skimmer Pics




Lights on Frag Tank Are
Left Side: Black box LED with sbox retro fit board hung 24" over the tank
Right Side: Black box LED with 2014 Bombertech spectrum + TheClark tweaks.
Both Sides: There are two super blue 4' t5ho bulbs over the majority of the tank


Trying the 4 on 8 off photoperiod, so there are two per day. Been doing this for 3.5 weeks now.
1 hour blue, 2 hours blues/whites/T5, 1 hour blue. off for 8 hours, repeat.

Aquamaxx 1000 gallon rated calcium reactor with Charles style dual stage regulator, apex controlled.




Frag tank is rocking with allot of flow.
Jebao DCT12000 return pump
2 WP60s in frag tank
1 DC 12000 in frag tank, closed loop to stir detritus up from under the racks.

Latest tests:

TEMP 78.0 - right now
SG 1.025 - 5/23
Alk 8.064 - 5/23
Mag 1500 - 4/16
Cal 575 on 4/16
NO3 1.5 on 1/22
PO4 .01 on 4/30


Fish - Every other day, either Nori or Frozen. Frozen is ocean plankton and/or mysis.
Coral - Twice a week, pumps off, use the ArsonMFG feeding style. Feed when lights are off (morning for me). Broadcast feed fuel, reef a and b, phyto. Turn off skimmer half that day.

Water Changes

Rarely, only if I have screwed something up. Water changes are 100% automated though with the APEX.


Fun posts about equipment / setup:

APEX Saves the Day

Frag Tank Driveby - This is my growout tank:

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Looks good!


How are you liking the the change up in photo period with the 8hrs on 8hrs off.



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So far I cannot say there is a positive or negative impact.  No negative is a good start!


Figured if it helps growth the time is NOW to try it for this hot growout comp...

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