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Another new football year so.....


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Since we have done this for the last 2-3 years we need to keep it going. Tell us how you think your favorite college or NFL team will do this year!!


So lets start with the Pac-10:

I'm a Oregon fan and this year I'm a little worried about the Ducks QB situation and the defensive front 7. I hope that I'm more worried then needed and they pull things together quickly and play well. USC will win the PAC-10 this year again, I don't think thats a suprise to anyone. But heres my PAC-10 standings:




Oregon State






Washington State



I think from #2 (California) down to #6 (UCLA) will all be seperated by a game or two max.and it can even change based on who beats who head up, (#2- #6 should all have 2-3 losses).


In the NFL I'm a Miami Dolphins fan and I'm glad we got Trent Green but we still need some WR's and some young defensive help. Those are the 2 big needs for Miami, old D and old WR's. A little offensive line help would be nice too.





Bills - but the last two can easily be switched.

They won't make the playoffs in the AFC with 7-8- losses so......... I'll have to wait until next year.



The Super Bowl will be won by an AFC team and I'm leaning towards the NE Patriots right now with the Colts and Chargers really close. In the NFC, (the sacrifical league), I'll take the Seahawks or Bears to represent in the Super Bowl.



So let's hear your take on the upcoming football season and your favorite teams!!!

Remeber this is all in good clean fun!!!

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Well its an off year, and Ducks are coming off a sub-par year. History shows us that Bellotti thrives in these conditions. In 05, coming off the first losing season in his career at UO, Ducks went 10-1. 2002 Ducks were 7-6, turned around in 03 to go 8-5. So i'm optimistic about this year. New OC is going to emphasize the run game more, where we have probably one of the best RB tandems in the country. JStew's ability to stay healthy concerns me. DD concerns me, but Kelly is gonna take pressure of Dixon. He won't be relied on to make all the plays this year and i think that will help his confidence. We return all our skill players from our top 15 rated offense last year, and we return the core of our top Pac10 rated pass defense. The Dline is a concern, but if they can stay healthy this year should provide much more solid run defense.


I'm guessing 9-4/8-5 with another bowl loss and MB gets put on the hot seat finally for losing his 5th straight bowl.


I see the Pac breaking down like this:













But spots 3-7 can all be interchangable at this point.


UCLA is highly over rated. They return most of their starters from a 7-6 team, woohoo. They got absolutely destroyed in their bowl to an at best mediocre FSU. Their defense cannot contain the spread, but handles traditional offenses well. Thats why they can beat the OSUs, USCs, ASUs, but get demolished against FSU, UO, Cal.


Beavs need good play from a very inexperienced new QB, same with UW and Stanturd. Apparently UW QB Jake Locker is the savior of the UW program, can walk on water, and will single handedly take UW from the celler to the top, if you listen to UW fans. ASU is gonna take another year to build up the JC talent with DE at the helm, and i'm sure some of the players are still awaiting their probation hearing. Zona has been improving every year, i think they finally crack the barrel and get into a bowl this year.

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Tomorrow is the day for the Beavs!! Dual QBs' date=' i'm interested to see how that works out.[/quote']



Yep, I agree!!


Miles it looks like me and you are the only ones willing to talk about what might happen this year.


I just can't wait for football to start!!! Saturday at 5pm Cal vs. Tenn....... should be a great game!!

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Yah i thought the thread last year went pretty good, even though i looked like a homer in the end after my predictions. But i'm back for more!!! Lets hope the Ducks don't let us down this year ;)


Come on Beavs, speak up! How do you see your season going?

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Sorry guys, I'm not much of a sports guy but I only have one thing to say:




I still like rooting for the beavs and giving ducks a hard time though. ;)

Hopefully we do well this year. It's always good to hear when our football team is doing really well.

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Beavs had a good....rushing game. Bernard is a stud, 165yards and 2TDs. The combo of QBs didn't fair very well, each had a pick and some horrid throws. But there were a couple of good passes in there. The WRs didn't help out much, dropping at least 6 passes. The defensive front 7 was pretty dominant. Of course that was aided by the beavs taking out the utes first string RB AND QB. The secondary looks very susceptible, but hey it was the first game.


Utes 7

Beavs 24


All in all an expected win for the beavs highlighted by the great Oline and running game. I didn't see Coker in at FB though :(

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Well sorry guys I guess I missed this thread somehow. Better late than never!!


Well last nights game was a good win against a quality opponent. It was a little slow in the first half but definately picked up i the third. Utah definately isnt a team to overlook. I think with a healthy Johnson running and throwing the ball they are a tough team. Too bad for Johnson and Asiata going out in the game. I havent watched the replay yet but I heard Asiata's leg is broke in almost every way it can be :( Ouch!


Running game and offensive line looked solid. Gave Moevao and Canfield plenty of time to throw, almost too much time on a couple :) Defense was "FLYING"!! They really only gave up one big play and it was a TD. As expected the front 7 were (or is that 11 when ya sub everyone in and out :) ) we solid. I disagree with Miles that the secondary was susceptible????? I really didnt see anything that led me to believe that. I thought they could have played with a little less cushion but thats about it. Under 200yds of offense on a team like Utah is a good job by the D!!


What really got me excited is the young guns on offense that stepped up! Rogers and Catchings looked great! Miller looked like a great TE even though he only had one catch. Kavanaugh looked decent in the return game also.


As for the season i think the Beavs should finish in third or fourth in the PAC finishing at 8-4. Its gonna be a tough year with a rough road schedule.


Before I release what I think the PAC-10 will end up I need to give out a award to MILES (IMPUR) for the second consecutive year in a row. THE BIGGEST HOMER I KNOW!!!!! Come one buddy the Ucks third in the Pac? Miles I know ya gotta root for your team but thats bad. :)







6.Sun Devils






Like Miles said though there could be a shakeup between the Bears, Bruins, Beavs, Cougs, and Devils.

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I paused and rewound the play and his leg is definately broken...BADLY. It snapped and was almost a 90 angle under that beav Dlineman.


Yes, secondary is suseptable. 8/13 for 119yards and a TD in just over 1 quarter of action shows your secondary has some holes. Too bad he went down. That won't get it done in conf play, guaranteed.


We'll see who's the homer after the season ;)

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I guess stat wise it might seem like they were susceptible but all they did was pass. The run did not work for them. Also 1/3 of those yards were on a blown coverage, I'll give ya that one. But if in college football you only give up one big play a game you will win way more than you lose.


The only reason I give UCLA a chance is that they get USC's leftovers. Those leftovers are better than almost any teams first stringers :)

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HOLY SH*T MICHIGAN!!! Way to go! App. State drops 21 in the second quarter? Awesome. Good luck nect week with a angry Michigan team in An Arbor in front of 110,000!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well the Ducks adjusted well in the second half just like the Beavs. Played mostly starters the whole time, I never understand that at all with any program up big. Like schools like Louisville, Florida, Nebraska, Penn State that all won there games in the first half. I guess it looks better to win by 60 than 20 :)


All I gotta say is wow on Dixon rushing the ball. Gotta contain!!

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They definately get the benefit of the doubt in most cases but they are still a EXTREMELY good team. I really think they overlooked App St just like any other Top 10 school overlooked there opponents this weekend. Michigan is gonna come out swinging though :)

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Running up the score is a result of the BCS. You gotta blow out every team to look good, and then at the end of the year if you have the same records, the voters will look at how badly you beat ppl. Its unfortunate i agree.


Dixon made good decions for the most part. Still needs work on passing. We are gonna be a running team this year. I'm glad CK kept the game simple for him, and that 80 yard run was awesome. Nice burst of speed. Alrige is the real deal, wow! The guy is quick!



Great showing for the Pac10 this weekend! All but 2 teams won. Lets hope we all keep it up next week. UM is gonna be pissed!

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