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Curtis Coker Beavs #2 fullback!!!


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Register Guard 8/9/07


The biggest back


The Beavers sometimes lined up for goal-line situations Wednesday with a defender in the backfield. That was 302-pound senior tackle Curtis Coker, now also the No. 2 fullback.


"We've got our own Little Fridge," joked Steve Fenk, the OSU director of media relations, a reference to former Chicago Bears defensive lineman William Perry, who occasionally lined up in the offensive backfield.


Riley said Coker had been pleading "forever" for a chance at helping out on offense but it wasn't entirely the coach simply relenting for a veteran.


With Micah Strickland gone (not eligible) and senior Andy Stewart the only honest-to-goodness fullback on the depth chart, Riley finally took the advice of Curtis Coker and installed the 6-1, 309-pound starting right D-tackle as OSU's short-yardage fullback in two-tight end and three-tight end (Jumbo, baby) sets. ... "Our own little Fridge,'' is the way Football SID Steve Fenk put it.


Coker said actually carrying the ball "was a lot of fun'' but he fumbled a handoff in Wednesday's morning workout and fretted that he may never get another carry. ... no matter, his main job in those two position groups will be lead blocker. But can you imagine the bedlam at Reser if Coker gets across the goal line?


The team might never hear the end of it.


"I know, I know,'' said Riley with a chuckle.


So Coker is now No. 2 at fullback, and he's taking this thing seriously because he pulled freshman QB Justin Engstrom aside before Wednesday's late practice to work on handoffs.


"He's been asking me about that forever,'' said Riley of his mini-Fridge. "He really is a good fit. He's a good athlete. He'll be perfect for that position.''








Way to go Curtis! I read it in the paper this morning. Not many guys get to play both ways, i'm stoked for you! I hope you get in a game, just hang onto the ball! ;)

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