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Major Change in Plans


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Hey all,


As some of you know my 55 got a leak and I had to tear it down before it really got set up.


Today, my wife bought me a 90 gallon complete setup SW/Reef tank that has already been cycled. I am on my way to pick up as soon as I am done typing this.


Pics to follow.

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Finally got most of everything set up.


Here is a brief list of what I know I got. Probably got more just haven't found it yet.


90 gallon tank.


Canopy (Will have to retrofit lights into it, previosly fishonly tank)

Overflow box


Lids for tank

LARGE Maroon Clown

Lemon Peel Angel (Yes a real one)

2 green chromis

About 100 pounds of sand

3 hermit crabs (probably more only saw three)

100 or so pounds of live rock


Bunches of supplies like test kits, etc.


And I paid about the same as a 55 would have cost at an LFS or bigbox.

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Yah, Number 2 is a pic of some gsp. The growth can sometimes be in a tube like shape. Number 4 is a pic of some brown button polyps. These also commonly called brown zoas, or brown palys.

Nice looking stuff. I want to see a pic of the goniporia when it comes out.


Thanks for posting the pics and keep em comin.



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Thank you! very nice by the way. I find the trick to keeping Goniporia alive and healthy is all in making sure they are feed. Most people don't feed their goni's, but I have read several articles on the importance of feeding them. Some i.e. red and purple varieties for some reason seem to do far better than Green and Yellow varieties without regular feedings. Just an interesting bit of info I have come across.


Thanks for the pic again,



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I cant wait to see how they look in their new home! I hope you enjoy them and you know where to find them if you ever want anymore. Thank you again for the wonderful trade. I have to rock in quarantine now and am zapping any aptasia that I see over the next week. Then it goes off to the live rock tub and some will be used for multi frag aquaculture rocks!




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