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need new home for clowns and sun corals


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I have to find good homes for my sun corals and maroon clowns


The suns are too high maintenance. I didn't know they were nonphotosynthetic when I got them.DOH! I've been feeding them every other day or two, and they seem to be thriving. There's about 15 heads or so. I paid $20 for them a couple of weeks ago at Fanta-Seas.


I have a 2" dark maroon-and-gold female and 1" maroon-and-white misbar male that need a new home together. They definitely have a strong hosting instinct. They ran between my RBTA and one of my Sebaes when they were in the big tank, so I know they'd host either of those. They haven't been the same since they moved to the nano w/o their host anemone; I think these two really need an anemone. In the 12g, he's been hosting the Xenia(nutty)


I moved them into their own 12g from the big tank because I have small schools of chromis and PJ cardinals and some other shy fish in the 180 that she was dive-bombing all the time. I think 12g just isn't big enough for the two of them, and they seem unhappy without an anemone.


I'll give the corals and maroons free to anyone who has an appropriate set-up, wants them, and can come pick them up. I'm in N Vancouver WA, where 205 and 5 intersect, just to give you an idea. Pics were taken just now, tonight. :D







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