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Pictures from the Coral Farmers Market


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Also Ryan from Advance Aquarium / PFO Lighting had a LED light unit.


The Solaris lighting unit was setting side by side with a PFO Professional Series 250 watt MH / VHO combo unit.


Here is the Solaris in action:




Here is the reading off of the Quantum Meter for the Solaris which had an internal running temp of 90 degrees.




Here is the reading off of the Quantum Meter for the 250 watt PFO Pro Series MH/VHO combo unit.




Here is the entire setup that Ryan had running at the Coral Farmers Market. He had a great selection of corals.




It was hard to tell the difference between the two lights. The Quantum Meter showed a reading of about 119 on the MH side while the Solaris side was running about 169. There was hardly any heat coming off of the Solaris unit. It was nice to see one running.



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