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WTS - Complete Setup - 20 gallon Reef


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I am moving into a new place and will not have the room for my current setup. I am asking $500 for everything.


The setup includes:

20 Gallon Display Tank with custom external overflow

20 Gallon Sump with removable baffles

65 Gallon Coralife Super Skimmer

380 Watt Metal Halide/PC Light Fixture

250 watt Phoenix 14k Double Ended Bulb (1 month old)

2 x 65 watt Current USA Dual Actinic Bulbs

250 watt Reef Fanatics Electronic Balast

Quiet One 30000 Pump for Closed Loop System

Via Aqua pump for return

Various chemicals and plumbing supplies

Approx 50lbs of Live Rock


2 Clownfish

1 Skunk Cleaner Shrimp

1 Halloween Hermit

Various hermits and snails

1 Hammer Coral (5 heads - Green w/ Pink Tips)

1 Blasto (not doing great)

Superman Zoa's (Red Skirt with Blue Center)

Orange Zoa's

Red Zoa's

Green Zoa's

Blue and Yellow Zoa's

Candycane Coral (Red with Green Centers - Approx 8 heads)

Green and Purple Ricordias

Red and Green Mushrooms

Couple of unknown corals also


You can call me at (503)891-1734 if you want to come take a look.






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I might be interested in parting this out.


Live Rock and Livestock first:


50 LBS Live Rock with whatever is attached to it (Zoa's & Shrooms) $150

2 Clown Fish $20

1 Skunk Cleaner Shrimp $10

Green Hammer w/ Pink Tips 5 Heads $30

Blastomussa Red w/ Green Center (Alive but not doing the greatest) $10

Candy Cane $20

Green and Purple Ricordias (Approx 5 on a medium sized chunk of LR) $20


Dry Goods:


Coral Life Super Skimmer 65 $40

380 Watt 24" Metal Halide/PC Light w/ Reef Fanatics Ballast $250

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Wow' date=' the light fixture will worry me. Is it very stable? How is the wood attached?[/quote']


I know its looks pretty scary right now (scary) . I need to pull the wood out and let it sit on the tank. I just had it setup to acclimate the corals to the new light. It is only a month old.

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