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Those crazy clowns


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So the other night I decide it's time to move a new frag off my sandbed and onto some rock. I place it on a nice section above my clowns preferred anemone. One she caught site of it, she poked her nose onto a branch and pushed it off the ledge! I moved it back and stabilized it a little better, and this time she tackled it from a different angle to move it! So I gave in and put the frag elsewhere.


Then last night I mounted a monti cap to a piece of branch that is behind the anemone, not that close. And guess who decides she doesn't like the monti there. Yup, that crazy clown. She took about four attempts to bulldoze the frag off, but the glue held up and she gave in. TOo funny.


Do your clowns act this finicky about their home decorations? It's like I messed with her fung shui or something. (nutty)

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My big clown will attack my hand everytime I put it in the tank like a great white shark. Tell ya whats funny is my Coral Beauty that Ive had for 4 years ushers the clowns back to their anemone if they stay away from them for more then a few seconds. She doesnt bite she just puts her back fin to them and backs them up with her tail. I had a bicolored blenny that had made a home in a shel on the sand and whenever he came out for food he was also ushered back by the angel. She thinks she is the boss but doesnt mess with the tang one bit.



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