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Free neglected 29g biocube w/ gear and livestock


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I have apparently lost all interest in the reef and have ignored it for far too long.  I am hoping that some brave soul will want the gear/livestock enough to take it down, take it away, clean it up and give everything a nicer shot at life.


Getting this thing out of here is all the payment required.  Delivery is not available.  You must come tear down and haul away by yourself.  Bring whatever help you need, of course.


Much of the livestock is surprisingly thriving, growing, and doing well:


  • 2 Snowcasa clowns
  • Tons of star polyps
  • Tons of xenia
  • Green sinularia
  • A variety of mushrooms


There are possibly other corals doing well in there. 


Unfortunately also thriving are:


  • Cyanobacteria
  • Aiptaisa
  • Star polyps
  • Xenia
  • Presumably nitrates

There are a variety of snails and beneficial stars.  




  • 29 gallion biocube with stand
  • Sol nano module
  • 2 Hydor Korallias and a Hydor wave switch thing
  • An upgraded circulation pump

The tank is skimmerless, the Biocube skimmer died many ages ago.



Pictures at dropbox.  




I live in Hillsboro, OR - near Orenco station.  Sooner is better, if you can come today and tear it down  even better.


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