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Calling on the LED experts


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I'm going from a par38 bulb with 12 leds to an AI Prime.

Once I finally get the sunrise/sunset etc figured out I think I'll love this new light! Here are my questions

Tank specs

10 gallon nuvo fusion


Light is mounted at the highest point for the prime arm mount


I'm going with 19k color



1) what intensity should I start out at since all my corals have already been under LED


2)what intensity should I max out at?


3) How long should I let the acclimation period take for the raise in intensity


4) how long should I make the ramp up period in the morning?


Any other input is much appreciated!


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This is what I have right now Randall with my maxspect:


Time A B


7:00am - 0% 1%

10:00am - 30 60

1:00pm - 40 70

4:00pm - 30. 60'

7:00pm - 10% 25%

10:00pm - 0% 0%


I like a little blue in my tank and find making the blues about twice the intensity of the a band gives me what I want. I know for the maxspect nobody runs it at 100%but I have seen as high as 85 percent.

I don't have a par meter so I couldn't tell you what the par is. I just know the corals are happy. But there is definitely a spot light effect with most of the light in the center of the tank even with the 120 degree optics.


You may not need much of an acclimation period.

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The AI Prime lets you select the Spectrum you want, I used 20K @ 100% and that only sets the whites at 17 so I personally would just start out with that as I don't think it's possible to fry anything at that low of White/Green. I also find the fixture worked best for me at 5 1/2 inches above the water surface.

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