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I just bought a Tunze and i got to tell you, i re-arranged that thing so many times i lost count and went crazy, it dumped 4gal of cold rodi in all at once! No matter where it was, in or out of the water it would run amok. When i was just about to give up i went back to google one last time and found the culprit, i was advised to wash the optical sensor with detergent and i couldn't be happier with the unit now, it's very precise and quiet.

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I like my JBJ ATO. Only "issue" I have is that the redundant shutoff is only set for like 3 mins of run time before it shuts off the pump. I've seen that I can open up the unit and extend the run time but haven't done this yet. So if my top off bucket runs out and I don't refill it for a while, I have to sit there and lift the float valve every 3-5 mins to get the pump to turn back on until I'm back to normal run level. 

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