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Was cleaning in the garage...


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Haha......Yes! Well for me anyhow. I went down that night and played black jack till 3am, lol. Started with $200 playing $5 to 10 a hand. Ended the night with $580. Split 10's every time they came up and got the dirt eyes from the pit boss guy, lol. I realy like the video, it does teach ya to count through multiple decks. I don't actualy count them all.....it was more the when to bet or hit based on what the dealer has showing and when to double down, when to split and all that jazz that I attribute to me being able to win most of the time.

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Tough way to make money. I have read some books about it and read the story about the MIT students. I just start getting bored playing blackjack and the people smoking at the table is just kills me with my asthma! Sounds like u had a good night! Just think if u were doing 25 dollar hands!

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