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Trapping fish


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Bartletts Anthias , I have three in my tank and I want zero. If someone wants to come trap then I will sell them cheap.


Since I am sure no one will come trap them for me. What I am looking for is the best mouse trap and the best way to use it. I have never caught a fish in a trap. Any and all help will be accepted. Thank you very much. Also if you have a trap laying around I can borrow for a long while or if someone has one they want to get rid of for cheap. Thanks again.

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My trap is a large Snapple bottle, just cut it at the neck, flip it around and rubber band it secure.


Bait it with whatever is their favorite or a very small frozen shrimp " I use SF bay whole krill i think"











Oh, and stab a bunch of holes in it so that water can travel through it for scent

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So just grab it as soon as one goes in?


Yes, if possible, but you don't really have to "fish sit" it, once they find the courage to actually go in, they can't seem to figure out how to swim through the same hole they came in even though it's completely unobstructed. 



If they are normally together and hunt together, hey you might just get all 3 at once.



Monkey see monkey do  :D


Soak that bait in garlic as well


Good luck bud!

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