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Prazipro second dose?


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So after the clownfish debacle and a couple of them died. I took the last remaining one back to the place where I got it and they refunded my money. I decided at that point I was not going to buy anymore fish until I get back from vacation. Also put another fish in my tank with out some sort of quarantining.


Well last Friday I noticed my wrasse was in bed way early, Then Saturday he got up way late? I started watching him real close. He would shake his head violently and bump the rocks with his gill plates.


Those [language filter] clownfish had flukes!!! He would swim with them a lot and poke around in their corner when they were still there.


So I did a bunch of Googling and decided on Prazipro. So I dosed the tank up last Saturday mid afternoon. Well, everything seams fine and nothing's dead also the wrasse is back to his normal self. I think disaster is close to being over.


But I have a couple questions.

1. Should I do another dose? Instructions say only one dose should be necessary but can do another after 3 days.

2. Or should I just finish out the last dose to the recommended 5-7 days and throw carbon and my skimmer back in? Both have been out of the system since last Saturday. As per instructions on the bottle

I'm leaving on vacation August 2nd and won't be back until the 8th. I have already planed on a larger water change before I leave. I just want to make sure this is all over with by the time I leave.

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Really comes down to whether your fluke was an egg laying Dactylogyrus species or a live bearing Gyrodactylus species. Prazi will kill pretty much all live bearers in one treatment. Egg laying species need a few because prazi doesn't kill the egg stage so you have to wait for them to hatch and kill them then. And there could be multiple stages of development so timing can be difficult to determine when all eggs have hatched but before more are laid.


Edit: I should note that prazi will still take a big dent out of the egg bearing population, relieving the fish of some of the load. But they can come back. Longer term or multiple treatments are needed for total eradication

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Egg laying is why I was asking. I read that it takes one week for them to hatch. So I was thinking of performing a 20% water change then hitting them with one more dose before I leave and then one last water changer a day or two before I leave.


Luckily I only have 3 small fish and close to 90 gallons of water to work with. So not having the skimmer has not impacted water quality yet.

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Well, my wrasse didn't make it I guess because I can't find him. He was fat, happy and eating after the 2nd dose and two 10% water changes. Get back from camping for 3 days and he's MIA! Everything else in the tank is doing just fine.


My current luck with fish is not good.

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