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Designer Clownfish have arrived! Longfins!

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I am not 100% sure I like them but I am interested in some ice in the shade of black for sure. I have been looking for over 6 weeks but haven't fount "the pair" yet. The long fins might grown on me you never know, remember I am just a poor reefer.

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The long fins look like someone dropped them tail first into a paper shredder lol... I dig the black ice clowns though.

We used to talk 20 years ago about the possibilities of these various traits eventually being developed, when we began seeing "misbarred" clowns. With selective breeding, I'm sure longer, Betta-type fins will appear in spawns. It would be awesome to be the first one to develop the strain! Not all of these mutations appear in the tanks of commercial breeders! It's a great feeling to see your name and work appear in a widely recognized published magazine or article. :) Be the first to develop Veil-Tailed Clowns by working with these!

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Jeff, thank you very much for the beautiful fish you sold me. I purchased 3 of the 5 fish in the first two pictures. My wife loves them and I am on board also. The leopard wrasse is awesome and ate frozen food within hours of being home as well as the clowns.


I really enjoyed just hanging out and chatting, It was also great to meet Holly and to see Mr. Bret again. Then this guy they call a junkie showed up reefnjunkie that's what his screen name is and it was party time.


I went out and had sushi before I had to take my three fish home and when I got back Holly, Brad, Bret and of course Jeff were still there.


Talk about a great place to chat and bs and such. Anyways just wanted to publicly thank Jeff and also thank Holly for a book and a map she gifted to me and it was great to see Bret again and to meet Brad. A great Thursday afternoon for sure.

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