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Anthias feeding shedule?


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Any of you ever have an issue with these fish being super aggressive?


I never wanted these fish but my wife wanted them and I caved as I told her she could pick everything except the clown fish that I still havnt found the perfect pair of. The bartletts seemed great but ended up bullying a couple damsels whom I hated but started feeling sympathetic towards. They are both in a watery grave, rest there little evil souls.




Also I was poking around and seeing that some people feed these fish two times daily?


I do not feed anything twice daily. Should I be uping my feeding regiment? I spot feed my corals oyster feast once a week and then just this week started feeding the tank phytoplankton once a week.


With the fish I feed rods something or other and then some spiral something or other that is green and comes in cubes that I break up. I do this every other day. What is your feeding schedule for your tank?




my edit is that I only have a flame hawk on top of the 3 bartletts. My tank is 44 gallons plus a 40 gallon sump with a total water volume of about 60 gallons maybe? I have at least 100lbs of rock including my show tank and sump. Any other questions feel free to ask.

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Depending on the species anthias can be very timid to pretty big a-holes bartletts fall more towards the later but are some of the hardier anthias species and should do well on once a day feedings. They just don't get along with everyone all the time, including each other.

Best of luck.


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I have groups of three Bartlett's Anthias in two of my reef tanks, and have had them for about a year. Most days I feed them twice with light feedings, but I have also fed them once per day successfully. In both scenarios they have done really well for me, and I have never lost one. (Right now, I am out of town for a month and they are being fed every other day.) Bartlett's don't need to be fed more than twice per day in my experience, but it may be true that other species of Anthias need to be fed more often. Bartlett's are not picky eaters like some species of Anthias---mine even eat flakes. This might contribute to their ability to subside on less frequent feedings.


I have had some aggression among my group of Bartlett's. It appears to happen most often when there are two fish of similar size in the group. They duke it out a bit until one of the fish becomes subordinate, and will often end up hiding. The subordinate always comes out to feed, however, and the aggression seems to wane a bit as time passes. I've never had a Bartlett's kill another one in my tank.

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