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MindStream is Alive and Kicking - Automatic Calcium and Alk Measurement


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Mindstream Aquarium Monitor is alive and coming soon, a formal introduction is expected in the coming weeks...

Lots of different aquarium monitors can report on pH, salinity, temperature and the Seneye can even measure ammonia. But where the Mindstream Monitor really got the hobby’s attention is in its promise to be able to also monitor other really critical reef parameters such as calcium, alkalinity & magnesium as well as levels we don’t typically monitor or measure like potassium, oxygen and carbon dioxide.


Read more: http://reefbuilders.com/2015/07/16/mindstream-aquarium-monitor-alive-coming/#ixzz3gRcI3wQh



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I heard a long while ago $600, but price seems speculative at this point. They also said they needed new testing discs every so often so they will have an ongoing cost associated. Regardless, if it works, it's worth every penny. It's basically like having an ongoing triton test in your tank 24/7.

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Yeah even at $600 that's the price of a good skimmer for my size tank. To think how much it would benefit my tank it's a good deal to keep the few thousand in coral thriving.


P.s. That's the exact sentence I'm going to use to convince my wife to buy the controller!!!! Hahahaha!!!!!!

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