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Left overs, Way Reduced, Please buy us.


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Reef Aquarium LED Stunner Strips (2) & Power Supply - $20
I have two LED stunner strips for reef or freshwater aquarium. One blue & white and a purple. Includes power supply. Also one additional stunner strip, blue, that needs the end leads fixed.
AquaTech Power Filter 30-60 aquarium filter - $8
AquaTechPower Filter 30-60 aquarium filter, working
Maxspect Mazarra-P LED Reef Light Module - $50
This is a Maxpect Mazarra-P LED Reef Light Module. The unit flickers at times, might be defective, being sold as is or part
Tunze 9002 Protein Skimmer modified - $20
Tunze 9002 protein skimmer, unit has been modified for an MJ1200, currently has needle wheel that needs to be glued or replace with standard impeller. Great for 40 gallon or small reef tanks.
SpectraPure® MaxCap RO/DI System w/ Manual Flush - 90 GPD - $50
Needs new filter set, RO membrane should be fine, BRS flush kit, includes extra set of TDS sensors, auto shut off box. System only has one TDS meter. Garden hose adapter installed.
Meanwell LPC-35-700 & LPC-60-1050 LED Drivers - $15
10 Gallon Reef Aquarium w/ Filter & LEDs - $60 
10 Gallon Reef Aquarium used for quarantine, includes over flow box, pump, powerhead, dimmable LED lights, timer, heater, frag tray for coral (coral not included)
Rio 180 Working $10
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