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Anybody in lake oswego or close to it interested in bartering for doing maintenace?


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So here is situation.

I have a 10gal hex nano, softy reef tank i have been maintaining for about 6 years in a chiropractors office, I maintained his old freshwater tank before that for several years. He is an awesome guy. The tank is bare bones basic, hob filter, heater and a light. Its got a bunch of zoas, some shrooms, cabbage, cloves, a gbt, an ocelaris clown, and clown gobie and i think i lost the bangai cardinal when we moved his tank 2 weeks ago to new clinic. It had a mild cyano outbreak once 2 years ago when he removed the window shades due to direct sun light but has otherwise always thrived with 40-50% water changes weekly or biweekly and occational supplimenting of kent essentials. Due to a change in my husbands job we will be moving to Tennessee at the end of next month so I need to find someone to take over care. I barter chiropractic adjustments and occational herbal suppliments in exchange for cleaning it. All i do is scrape glass and drain and fill, its super quick and easy. Im hoping to find someone interested in taking over. What ive always done is supplied everything but hes willing to pay for filter cartridges, food, etc to maintain it if needed. It is enjoyed by all clients so I dont want to have to take it down. He will not pay service but you can work out a barter with him. With the price of chiropractic care you are definatly coming out ahead of the deal for 10-20 minutes of work. Please email me at amandas.products@yahoo.com to discuss and setup a time to meet there. The clinic is off of boones ferry road in lake grove area. I am screening potential people. I dont want someone who will do it once then walk away. This is long term.

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