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Gyre to Apex Connectivity Coming in August


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I for one am so excited about this!! I've used the gyre pump for the past 4 months and absolutely love it. Moves water like none other and is at a great price point.


My main issue has been with the limited functionality of the stock controller. Once you can connect to Apex, it'll be perfect. You'll able to run a gyre at each end of the tank to create an even push/pull wave effect.


Quote from Coralvue and Neptune mentioned a couple days ago :


The IceCap controller that will allow you to hook a gyre to your Apex or other 3rd party controller will be out at the beginning of August. We will let everybody know via Facebook and our website when they are ready and available for purchase.

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It just came out today! Bought mine on fragtasticreef.com but looks like it'll be available on other online retailers at any point.


Am I the only one so excited about this? The gyre is the best at water movement, hands down, in my opinion. It just lacked a good controller until now.

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