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WTB- LED for 60 cube


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Im getting sick of my current marine led and all the awesome brown coral (I hope they are responsible for), not that it is a bad light at all just not built for what im trying to use it for. That being said im looking for a new light preferably something with some level of control and some moonlights.


Im on a budget and would really like to keep it under $250.


the tank is a 60 cube (24*24*24) mix of LPS SPS zoas 


if i dont find anything on here ill probably end up with something from eBay so advice would be appreciated as well. 



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depending on what you want/expect from your lights.. do a little research.  There are some great posts on here, with tons of information.  Buying the 'best deal' isn't always the best investment. 


We have spent a lot of money on lighting and been very disappointed.


I believe that Cuttlefish and Coral has OR's  not sure though.


I know Kenny at Reefstar does a demo program... it's nice because you can try before you buy!  And he is local... 


Kessils... well they are just purdy!!!!


ATI makes a great new fixture....  


so many lights.... so many questions!!!  



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I use a reefcorner LED and love it! Just bought it about 3 weeks ago and I could not be happier, one of the sponsors of the sight! Very reasonable price and the owner is very pleasant to work with!!! He will help you in any way he can and will do anything to help.  When I purchased mine, he answered every question I had, and to go the EXTRA mile he even set up the two lights I was considering on the exact same tank I had and did PAR readings for me with both, he is amazing and would buy from him over and over!!  If you need his contact info, PM me. Check out his site and lights he offers.  PM me if there is anyting else you would like to know!

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