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Ammonia/Nitrite in Hospital/Quarantine Tank


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I set up a QT about 2 weeks ago when I moved and took the original tank down and now I'm setting the original tank up again and it's going through the nitrogen cycle. 


I've had this problem for a while. Whenever I set up a QT/HT, ammonia quickly rises and so does nitrite. The currently case is that I have to change 40% of the water every single day otherwise ammonia rises to toxic level. I'm using Kanaplex to treat fin rot right now, and the protein skimmer is like basically off. I'm also using Seachem Prime. 


The current HT system has approximately 30g of water, a chunk of cheato, several piecies of rock, and 3 medium sized tangs plus several small fish. I feed them seaweed and frozen mysis/brine shrimp.


Can anyone help me with this? I'm so so tired of changing water every day and worried about the ammonia/nitrite level all the time. 

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Its hard to do treatments and establish a filter at the same time. I recommend a well seeded sponge filter for treatment tanks.


You can consider something like SeaChem Stability to aid the cycle at this time of treatment. I prefer SeaChem Stability for how quick and how well it maintains the cycle.



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