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Reef Safe Parrot Fish?


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It’s worth noting that David Saxby in the U.K. has a quoy’s Parrotfish in his 1700 coral reef display that is sps dominated. He has massage full grown coral colonies along with LPS and soft corals all thriving and doing well. The hysteria over Parrotfish in reef aquariums is over blown and many of the commentators in this thread know nothing about them or have ever kept one in their reef tanks. It upsets them when they see one in a tank aquarium because it conflicts with their assumptions about these coral reef dwellers. Parrotfish are  essential members of the reef community to keep corals healthy and free of algae that might otherwise overgrown and smother them.

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I got one from Jeff a few months ago.  It's doing great, eating pellets and flakes as well as frozen food.  I haven't seen it touch my corals, but I only have a few types (torches, hammers, sps, muchrooms, elegance, chalice, goni, gorgonian).  I also have an Emperor and Regal angelfish and they limit what corals I can keep.

My understand is that Quoyi is the only "Reef Safe" parrotfish and from my research is they will lose some of their vibrant colors in captivity over time.

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