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I tried attaching pics but the site say the files is too big and I guess I am not tech savvy enough to adjust.  I can email pics of items you are interested in.  Long story short.  I was breeding fish, but have since quit 3 years ago and have been sitting on these items in case I start back up but unfortunately I still don't have the time and I need the garage space.  Items for sale:


ASM G-4X Skimmer -  For tanks up to 450 gallons, 8 1/2" diameter, 13 x 14" footprint, 30" high, Sedra 15000 pump.  Has a modified gate valve to adjust flow.  selling for $100.00


Pacific Coast RPS-5000 Recirculating Protein Skimmer - 9.5" Diameter 30.00" height. Designed for aquariums up to 650 gallons. Footprint 22" x 12.09"  selling for $150.00


SWC 160 Skimmer - Tank Rating : 125 - 250 Gallon NEEDS NEW IMPELLER.  New needle wheel is $21 from Marine Depot or a complete pump for $105.  selling for $40


Pacific Coast 2000 Skimmer - Not sure of the rating but I used it on my Kreisel tanks and it worked great.  Very heavily loaded 50 gallon set up.  Missing a fitting from the pump to the skimmer.  Looks like a very easier fix.  selling for $60


35 lbs of DRY coral rock.  Medium and large very nice pieces.  selling together only $80


TruVu 4 foot x 2 foot Frag tank with built in overflow.  has two 1" holes cut for returns. Need polishing.  selling for $150.00


Large acrylic sump - 4 foot long.  Built w 3/4" acrylic.  Beveled edge.  Refugium section.  selling $100


Medium acrylic sump - 3 foot long Built with 1/2" acrylic.  selling $40


45 gallon tall glass aquarium - $40


Broodstock Tank - 3/4" acrylic.  3 sections (60 gallons each)  6 foot long.  2 foot wide and 2 foot tall  Need polishing - Heavy!  selling for $100


6 grow-out aquariums - acrylic.  some have 2 sections and some 3.  Same tank you see in some aquarium shops.  all are about 4 foot long 12" wide and 16" deep.  Looks rough, but will clean and polish out nice in the front.  $25 each


Box of bioballs (clean) - selling $10


Blue Wave dual 250 watt Metal Halide Ballist use for 1 year with two lumamax reflectors - selling for $50


Blue Wave dual 400 watt Metal Halide Ballist use for 1 year with two lumamax reflectors - selling for $50


Reefflo Dart Pump - Rusty surface.  Works good.  selling for $50


Iron Might Pump - Similar to the Reefflo Dart.  selling for $50


Thanks for looking.  Jim 


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