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Two part dosing


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I Was having a hard time finding a sweet spot with that stuff in my tank. I have gone from 20ml to 35 on the Kh and then 15 to 27 on the cal.


My tank is newer and is loaded heavy with sps. I hope I am to my happy point now but for a couple weeks I didn't think I was ever going to get over 8 and 420 but now I am 9-10 and 460-480 I have had good growth for a newer tank.


My tanks total volume is maybe 65-70 gallons. So I figure on the Kh I am at about 1 ml per 2 gallons as apposed to the 1-4 gallon ratio they start you at.


Anyone else using bionic? And if so what's your ratio?

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I use BRS 2 part for my tank. Its about 4 months old and heavily loaded with SPS. 50gal water volume. I add 105ml alk and 96ml Ca DAILY. It's dosed 12 times per day in smaller increments.


Not sure how that translates but I've learned it's always wayyy more than the manufacturer recommends to start with.

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Guest Bevo5

I only use about 6ml of each for my 29 - and that keeps me up pretty high because I also do a 5g change with reef crystals each week. That mix is pretty crazy high.  I've actually had to reduce my drips just a bit because calcium was way up

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