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The forum has a  Evite list we would like to update  :cheer:  


If you would  like to be added just sent me a PM with your username and email.


Paid members and members are all welcome :drinking:  :cheer:  :agree:  


Please join in all for the awesome meeting the forum has to offer !!!


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  Evite notifications include basically the same information and announcements for meetings and club events as the "Meeting & Events" area of the forum. The advantage is that it can be sent as a reminder to e-mail addresses, and reaches out to many people that like to attend club functions, but have avoided the forums for one reason or another. This gives us an opportunity to contact many old members that have been waiting to rejoin the club!


   Evites have the option of notifying hosts of the number of people that will be attending. This has proven to have been extremely helpful. Even after the majority of people have been sent Evites, new people can be later be added and notified before the event.

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If you do not wish your e-mail address to be in this forum(which is not recommended, due to spam, etc.,) please send it to either kknight, Emerald525, or myself, Jmanrow. and it will be added to the Evite list! 

You will need only to PM us your e-mail address, as your name will already be on your message... unless you would rather have us use your real name, which is fine. :rolleyes:


When you respond to the Evite, be sure to let us know how many guests you will be bringing with you! (+1; +4; etc.)

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