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Pics of your plants and fans and such


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I love my macros, there are a number of cool ones out there but be aware that without "gardening" one will become invasive. Depending on what favorable conditions are met one algae can overtake another, I have to fight back various types of rhizomed caulerpas back and I hate removing tangles of Chaedomorpha from Gracilaria or any thing else.


But as far as attractive ones out there beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Blue Ochtodoes, Dragons Breath, Red Grape, gracilaria, Halimeda, and then there are the greens such as razor,feather,grape,and prolifera caulerpa.


I can dig em all. 

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I only have a little ball of chaeto, i'm so envious :tongue:


You and me both. I am already thinking about my next home and how it might be laid out as to make reefing easier. I need a plant tank a jelly tank a horse tank a blah tank a blah tank a blah tank you get the idea.


Bert I truely look forward to coming down to your place and checking out all your tanks. Thanks for the pics and more pics are always welcome.


Newbie I love your setup. It's so very cool. Thank you both for taking the time.

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