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Dual 400 Watt Metal Halide Ballast - Pulse Start

Mt. Dreamer

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Manufacture: Sunlight Supply Inc. Vancouver, WA USA
BW 2 Dual MH-400 Plus Start
120V 8A 800Watt 60Hz
This ballast operates 2 metal halide mogul base lamps (400watt type M 135)


Pictures: https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/pet/5058906340.html

Does NOT include lamp cords, mogal base sockets an bulbs.

Ballast is in good used condition with a few paint chips/scratches. It does power on. I assume its working properly but unfortunately don't have bulbs to tell for sure. 
Makes a slight humming/buzzing sound when on. I believe this is normal for most MH Ballasts. 
It has a date of Nov. 05 on back label. I assume this is the manufacture date. I bought this new but can't recall the date of purchase. It has been kept in dry storage for several years. Ballast was used in aquarium application.

$50.00 (cash only)
Sold As Is. No return accepted and/or refund. 
Item is in Sandy, Oregon 97055 - No shipping!
Serious inquiries only, please.

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Great News!!

I found the lamp cords w/mogal sockets. The cords are in ok shape - could use a little cleaning on the prongs.

The Ballast works!!!


I have (2) 400 watt XM bulbs. Not sure the age of the bulbs. Even though they work, they probably should be replaced to get true spectrum and intensity. 


Price is $50.00 (firm) for complete set up: Ballast, Lamp Cords w/Sockets and (2) 400 watt bulbs. This is an incredible deal! 

All items are used. Sold As Is. No return accepted and/or refund. 
Item is in Sandy, Oregon 97055 - No shipping!

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I received a PM message asking the following questions about my light set up.Thought I'd share just in case others were curious too.


Questions: Could you get me a picture if your light fixture. Do you know if they would work for a duel 175? set up? 


My Response: When you say "light fixture"... are you're referring to reflectors? Unfortunately, I no longer have them. However, one should be able to buy them separately online or a local aquarium store. Most people like to choose their own anyways.  


No, you can't use 175 watt bulbs on a 400 watt ballast. Ballasts and bulbs must be matched by wattage.

Besides if one is paying electricity to run a 400 watt ballast, then it makes sense to use 400 watt bulbs. I doubt there is a huge cost difference between 175 & 400 watt in terms of electricity use. Not sure. I have only ran 250 and 400 watts myself. They were both ran at the same time so don't know if there is a noticeable cost difference.  

I'm sure there are a few folks that would try a different wattage, but I don't recommend doing so. IMO... better to spend a little on bulbs then run the risk of damaging the ballast and or bulbs. Worse yet cause a electrical fire. 

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Here is an updated Link to pictures: http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/pet/5073746096.html

Not sure pictures below will delete from this thread once Craigslist expires. 


00202_a4q877cnAbM_600x450.jpg  00H0H_cJGAfzNUhfi_600x450.jpg  00202_a4q877cnAbM_600x450.jpg   01515_9yP3LmLT9H2_600x450.jpg   00C0C_2JJR8kJYDur_600x450.jpg   00F0F_hvIMXz2y3ok_600x450.jpg   00f0f_6a0DiMre8v1_600x450.jpg


This will be the last updated link.  I don't want to annoy everyone with posting new links every time they expire on Craigslist.  :)


Please don't assume the ballast has sold if the Craigslist add is expired. When/If the ballast sells, I will post a "sold" message on this thread. 

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