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LF Live Rock Tips


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Setting up a new tank and am looking for some tips on rock.  Will be a 29g reef tank with 20g Sump.  Looking for about 30 pounds rock, and would like some nice colors maybe some purple?  I also don't wan't to pay a fortune, and would like to get already cured rock if possible.  Might try and do a cave or U shaped scape.  Looking for some tips, or if anyone has some available let me know!

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I think the results of the Tampa Bay Saltwater cured rock packages are pretty amazing. The full packages create a very natural and beautiful tank right off the bat. It's not cheap as far as rock goes, but it's so much more than rock that you're buying. http://www.tampabaysaltwater.com/testimonials/


There's lots more info about their products on other forums as well.

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I bought some rock off a member here for a very reasonable price. About $1 per pound with some included corals,snails and hermits. Very nice shapes and sizes. But it also included a bit of an algae problem and some aptaisia.


I had no problem with this, I just dealt with it in a tote for a month. Then when I was done just transferred it to my display tank.


So far so good. A bit of hair algae tried to make a run for it. But I combated that with two turbo snails and a small Scopes Tang. They took care of it within a few days.


So it depends on how much work you want to invest in rock?


For me it's more sporting and gave me something to do.

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