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Thanks BadxGillen, Kknight,Cerk, Garrett and Bombertech!

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Just wanted to say thanks to all of the people who brought me out some tank warming gifts! I love the generosity of the club. Thanks Bert for all the zoas! :clap:


Thanks Kknight for the sympodium frag! Great to see you! :clap:


Thanks Cerk for the surprise zoa! What a pleasant surprise!  :clap:  :clap:


Thanks Garrett for hosting with such short notice! Your shop is always fun to visit and you have great help there! Thanks for the clown goby too! :clap:


Thanks Bombertech for the informative discussion! It sounds like you are building some amazing prototypes! I can't wait to see them  :clap:


Thanks all the officers and board members who helped get this arranged! :clap:






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Thanks!  Was fun!


Always building something new.


But, I did ponder the comment "well you must of liked the result of the first fixture", nope, still LOVE it!!

It's moved 3 times, over 4 different tanks, has 8 seperate power supplies (random power supplies from WIFI routers, etc) and 10 dimmers (PWM dimmers for PC fans), and was build from stuff I had laying around in the garage (seriously, everything but the leds themselves).  It takes a dedicated power strip to run, ah, good times.








In all seriousness, over the numerous prototypes I've learned a lot.  It all comes down to the day I almost tossed my commercial LED fixtures in the trash to go back to T5 but decided to solve the problem instead.

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