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ATI T5 fixture the right choice?


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I supplement the ati t5s with LEDs. Makes color look great and picks up any spectrum that may be deficient From led alone. Also reduces the spot effect from led.


I use the coral blue plus bulbs with a work hours 5 ballast.


(btw,i still owe you a copperband. Has not been caught yet and still waiting on that darn fish trap)

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If you are going to use T5, I would say hands down ATI is the best choice for the money. Pacific sun makes some nice fixtures as well as geismann but much more spendy. The design of the ATI allows the bulbs to be over driven and cooled making them very effective. The trick is to get the right Bulb count and colors.

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I'm really happy with my ATI fixture. I tried LEDs for awhile but to many "malfunctions" . My ATI, years of service and it ALWAYS works. I have a 6 bulb on my 120 and it's my favorite light I've ever had.


I can tell you my color is better than MH or LED. Growth rate is better.


I still plan to replace the fans one day, as their noise (which bothers few others) is to loud for me. Other than that, I'm a very picky and very satisfied customer.


If you want the technical specs and math behind why they look so good hit up Arsonmfg. He knows a ton about them. I've learned a lot from him. His tank might even be the new ATI add...


Good luck



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