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WTS/WTT Zoa Frags


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Sorry for getting this up so late, been a very busy. Looking to sell or trade zoa frags at the upcoming meeting. Interested mostly in Zoas I don't have, or SPS I dont have already. Feel free to offer anything, worse I can do is say no. :)

Also can frag my red with white polyp gorgonia, and dragons breath macro if there is any interest in either of those.


Bam Bams-5p+  $15

Fire and Ice-7p   $10

Fire and Ice-11p  $15        

Fire and Ice-2p    $5

Dragons Eyes-6p+  $15

Blue Eyed Girls-10p+  $15

Blue Eyed Girls-9p+    $15

Armegedons-4p+        $15

King Midas-8p+        $20

Purple and Gold-6p   $15

Witches Brew-4+       $15


I can Make more frags of the fire and ice, Dragons eyes, Blue eyed girls, and purple and gold if I need to.


Pictures of the frags, they are a little mad from me moving them around to take pictures.




Pictures of what they were cut off of:


Bam Bams, WItches Brew, and Dragons Eyes




Blue Eyed Girls




Fire and Ice




Purple and Gold








King Midas





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I will do up another frag for you robert :). Do you have a picture of your purple gorg? I might already have it lol.

Let me see if I can snag a decent shot it is in a hard place to photo in the tank. It is a dainty rounded branch purple with purple polyps if that helps any.

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Ok heres what im bringing to the meeting today.


Frags claimed or pending:

Robert- Dragons eyes and Red Gorgonia

TheClark- Dragons Eyes

Paratone- Dragons Eyes

Mike- Armegedons

Holly- Blue Eyed Girls

Jack- King Midas

Kim- A Surprise


Frags Still avaible I will have with me:

Witches Brew

Fire and Ice

Dragons Eyes

Purple and Gold

Bam Bams


I think I got every body.


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