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Yellow Eye Kole Tang Aggression

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My yellow eye kole is being aggressive towards my gold head sleeper goby. His burrow is in the tangs territory, but always has been. The tang's aggression started about 2 weeks ago. Sometimes he won't bother him when he is swimming in the middle of the tank. Will this stop? They were both quarantined together.



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Dang, I hate it when my fish fight.  


Sometimes these things work themselves out, but you have to keep an eye on the one being bullied.  If it is relentless, the sleeper is eventually going to be killed via injury or stress related illness.


One thing that can help is dropping the aggressor into a social acclimation box for a week.  That gives the golden sleep time to establish himself.


Barrier reef is selling them for a good price, or you can DIY one inexpensively out of a critter keeper.





Best of luck!

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