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Help With Maxspect Razor Nano Settings


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Matt are you out there? I have been reading some about this on other forums but wanted to get some input from our local Led gurus. It's also a good start for the meeting which I will be going to next week. I hope others make it too.


My tank is an IM Fusion 20


I have the Maxspect nano 16k with the 120 degree optics


I am using the stand that it comes with which is about 6.5 inches from the surface


I plan to have mostly Zoas with some lps and softies


I like the bluish coloration but not too blue like the first gen LEDs that reminded me of when I used to go to the skating rink many years ago. ????


I got this schedule from nano reef:



Time A B


7:00am - 0% 1%

10:00am - 20% 30%

1:00pm - 35% 40%

4:00pm - 20% 30%

7:00pm - 0% 15%

10:00pm - 0% 0%


What are your thoughts? I have read to go slowly. I have no corals right now just 2 clownfish but will be getting some in a week. I am more interested in good color than growth.


I have read to only increase by like 3 to 5 percent intensity per week. Any suggestions? Does this look like a good starting point? Any thoughts on a final goal?


I really liked the look of the t5s and the coloration I got from them. I also read that 30 to 35 percent intensity of the Maxspect is about where the t5s are.

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I'm an old man and can't remember what I did last week let alone a year and a half ago...lol



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Lol! Good point! I actually think I'm going to ramp it down a little lower for now. I got some of my best chalice and spa colors when I had the old fashioned 150w mh and blue actinic vhos. No worries I will get some input from bombertech next week too!

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I have found the ramping thing throughout the day to be pointless in my own experience, I have gotten better growth with giving and on and off and 1 setting. If it were my light and I was working with it I would start at 40% and see if the corals had any issues, after a week if nothing showed any problems I would bump it up 5%, and continue that weekly till you notice the slightest amount of stress then back off 10%. I figure that would be your max and knowing where your max is you could then plan your sunrise and sunset schedules around that.

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It depends on the light you have. Some are programmable and others aren't. The percentage is just ramping down the full capacity of the light. If I ran this at 100% I would bleach any corals that were in there! Of course I would need to get a hold of the par meter to know for sure.


If your corals are doing fine then don't worry about it. :)

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