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40G stocking suggestions?


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I've been making list after list and reading up on my choices, but I'm more confused than ever.

Every single fish I read about has some shortcoming (jumper, aggressive, too timid, hard to feed etc.).


Help me out with your experiences and tell me what *you* would put into a 40G with 20L sump!


I have a shallow SB (1 1/2-2"), about 60lbs of LR, with lots of swimming room.


My original plan was to get 4 or 5 chromis, maybe a pseudochromis fridmani (last fish), a Hector's or Rainford's gobi, and Red Sea Mimic blenny or Harptail Blenny.


Have also condidered filamented Flasher Wrasses (1 male with a few females) instead of the Chromis, but price and availability are a consideration.

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I haven't really looked at the Angels, yet.

Have to read up on them.


Aqua Serene has two Rainford's gobies, but they aren't eating.

They've been there since May 2nd, and look okay, but they didn't go for any of the food the guy threw in. Maybe too many people staring at them, but I heard the Rainford's are hard to get to eat and I don't want to watch one slowly starve to death in my tank. I may check up on them again in a few days.


And I guess I'm attached to the idea of a small group of the same fish.

I wish my tank were bigger, or anthias smaller! :)

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The books seem to be off quite often.



If you want one of the coolest fish ever, get a yellow headed jawfish!!!!!! They are an absolute blast to watch burrow and make their homes, they have wonderful personalitys.


Firefish, blenny's, percs, sixline wrasse, royal gramma, blackcap, gobys...etc there are alot.

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I looked at the yellow headed jawfish and they sounded really cool, but it sounded like they needed a really deep sandbed, with rubble, not just fine sand.

I only have about 1 1/2 inches, so I had to scratch it off my list.

Do you have one? And how much sand is in your tank?

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