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RO/DI Unit For Sale


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Aquamaxx 75gpd RO/DI filter originally purchased from Upscales for $230

- Aquamaxx RO/DI Unit

- Original Box

- Tool, Hose Adapter, Faucet Adapter, Included Documentation


The Unit has very little usage as I only have a 12 Gallon Nano. Filters are less than a year old , as you can see from the pics below Phosphates and TDS both read 0 and the unit works flawlessly. Asking for $70






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Too Slow? Robert it's been up since the 9th! lol I offered here first for 2 weeks before putting on craigslist, and someone snatched it up in less than 5 hours!

I got a new Unit the BRS Water Saver unit so its 150gpd with dual inline TDS meter, Auto Top Off, Membrane flush valve, pressure gauge etc. Nice unit and just wanted to upgrade. I'm still fighting the Dinos but decided I will sell the RO/DI, as well I have a brand new unused Hydra 26, and a 200G Reef Octopus Skimmer I'm trying to sell and figure when I'm done I will have enough to buy the picO 20g and a CAD Lights pls-50 Skimmer and go that direction. Sorry man, Had i known you were in need you would have been the first person I called :)

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OH I meant when I saw you last  to ask you about the unit but I was in a bit of a hurry myself that day. No big deal, the outer casing to the carbon  block broke, so now I have to get a new one. Makes me realize it is always good to have a backup. Sounds like you have a plan going on, I recall you talking about the upgrade and it sounds like it is going to be a sleek one.

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